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Starting a New Business in the New Normal: Tely Organics

August 14, 2020

This series on the Visit Champaign County blog will explore businesses that opened during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year is unlike anything our community has experienced, but together, we've rallied to support local, including new businesses in our area. In the next two weeks, we'll share conversations with local businesses about what it's like opening during a pandemic and what ways they've felt inspired and encouraged by residents during the process. 

The next business we'll explore in the series is Tely Organics, located at 2740 S Philo Rd D in Urbana.

OPENING DURING COVID-19: Tely organics

Tely Organics owner Lexi Atkins took some time to talk with Taylor, VCC's Communications Manager, about the process of opening during a pandemic and the challenges that come along with that. With everything occurring during COVID-19 placing an emphasis on health and wellness, Atkins feels the business came at the perfect time.

"From the very beginning, TELY'S very purpose has been wellness. Everything we do here is done in mind of the betterment of ourselves, of our wellbeing, of the earth, and even more so with the arrival of COVID-19. Never before in our lives has health been more important - more urgent - on such a universal level," Atkins said. "We started out with limited hours and occupancy, but have gradually been able to open our doors to the public with earlier hours and dine-in seating."

The organic and health-minded items on Tely's menu don't just benefit physical wellness, but emotional and mental wellness too. "While the struggles that COVID had brought upon communities worldwide is undeniable, the love that happens on a daily basis here at TELY has served as a direct mirror to that," Atkins explained. As people in our community seek to build self-care habits, Tely Organics helped to provide people with a space to try new items that benefit the body and mind, and they're returning to seek that same comfort and clarity. "First-time customers have become regulars, regulars have become friends. We couldn't be prouder to be part of such an incredible community," Atkins offered.


The pressed juices, acai bowls, or moon milk options at Tely Organics are health-minded and so are the store's practices during COVID-19. "We ask that customers stay 6 feet apart while inside the store, as displayed by markings on the floor. Staff wear masks at all times, which are also available for purchase along with organic hand sanitizers inside the store," Atkins explained.

On the Tely Organics website, you can check out the health factors for every menu item, or ask the knowledgable staff when stopping by in-store about which options fit your needs. "While COVID has brought its own set of obstacles and shifting pieces, health here at TELY is more of an ongoing mission than it is a new challenge. TELY was built on the idea of wellness in modern times and that especially includes right now within the current climate." On a side note, if you're curious about the name behind this organic juice and drink bar, Atkins says the meaning is a heartfelt message that many of us could use right now. "The name TELY is an acronym for The Earth Loves You, and we want the community to know that we do, too!"

Shop Tely Organics online at this link, or stop in-store to hear more about their menu. 

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