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What is Plan for Vacation Day?

January 30, 2023

Today, January 31st, 2023, we're talking about why it’s important to Plan for Vacation. National Plan for Vacation Day, celebrated on the last Tuesday in January, is a day to encourage Americans to plan their vacation days for the whole year at the start of the year—and inspire them to use those days to travel the USA.

A 2022 survey found that more than two-thirds of American workers feel at least moderately burned out. Despite this, American vacation usage, survey findings have continuously shown, is very low. Essentially, vacation days are not being used—negatively affecting health, relationships and companies. There's a lot that goes into why vacation matters, so let's walk through some of the big things to know about National Plan for Vacation Day.


Vacation is important to your mental health for a variety of reasons. If you don’t feel comfortable taking a full-blown vacation, even something like a “mental health day” or two can make a huge difference. Still, getting away even to another part of the state is enough change to invoke real results to your mental wellness. Lucky for us, we have a number of attractions in the greater Champaign County area to assist in a recharge, refresh, and rejuvenating vacation!


Everyone needs a bit of a break to recharge. While it’s great to stay at home and take a break from things, the benefits increase when you travel with vacation time.

According to a 2022 U.S. Travel Association study, Americans are motivated to use their vacation time to travel if they are aiming to avoid burnout (28%), their friends or family ask them to come on a trip with them (23%) or the holidays are approaching (12%).

Consider a trip to the Visit Champaign County area when you’re needing to just recharge your internal battery. It’s known that spending time outdoors and embracing mother nature can really make a difference in your mental health. From Middle Fork’s International Dark Sky to the beautiful Arboretum at the University of Illinois, you have plenty of places to recharge in our outdoor spaces when traveling through the greater Champaign County area.


There’s nothing quite like unwinding with a great trip. Many love to travel when using their vacation time because they get to live in the moment and not worry about the stressors of work.

From a 2022 report, The U.S. Travel Association revealed that Americans who travel with their vacation time experience increased reports of feeling relaxed, reduced stress, having fun, and making memories.

A great way to unwind is to check out our local music & entertainment scene. From live music hotspots like Rose Bowl Tavern, the up-tempo dancey atmosphere of Canopy Club, or world-wide musical acts that frequent the State Farm Center, a trip away to the greater Champaign County area is perfect for music connoisseurs, or travelers looking to let their hair down. Experience new things in Champaign County, and you’ll be glad you did!


Sometimes, a trip can be more about you than the place you actually visit. A trip can be the difference between feeling lost and burnt out to feeling like you’re on the right track. Even just a weekend away can be truly life altering. We all know a trip can be beneficial, but the difference is really just putting pen to paper and requesting the time off now. Sometimes, all it takes is the time to actually plan something.

The U.S. Travel Association actually reports those who plan trips with their vacation time feel better about how their time off is used, their job, their personal life, and themselves.

The greater Champaign County area has just about anything you would want from a trip meant just for you. From an incredible food scene, live entertainment to countless agricultural and outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone in our community.


While you take today to #PlanForVacation, don’t forget why it’s so important to take trips. There are so many opportunities waiting for you in the greater Champaign County area. Taking time to invest in your mental health is so important in today’s increasingly busy world, so why not do something for yourself and get away while you’re at it! Plan your trip today, and don’t forget to use your vacation time!

All information from the U.S. Travel Association and the cited studies can be explored here.

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