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AAPI Anti-Bias Resources in Champaign County

May 27, 2021

Acts of intolerance against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders have risen in recent months. To help combat the increase in harassment, bias, and targeting of AAPI citizens, many local organizations have produced tools that help to educate and address these recent events. We want to highlight a few resources available to visitors and residents alike as we wrap up AAPI Heritage Month and continue improving our community for all.

resources to keep handy to combat AAPi hate

We want to first thank the Asian American Cultural Center on the University of Illinois campus for connecting us to their Anti-Asian Bias Tools and Resources page. On this website, you can find a wide array of helpful articles, videos, and statements that talk about the recent rise in hateful acts directed at AAPI citizens around the country and world. On top of many educational resources, the AACC has compiled solidarity statements from around Champaign County to show support for our AAPI residents and visitors. We encourage you to utilize these resources and tools to help better familiarize yourself with the issues faced by a significant portion of our community.

We'd also like to call attention to the resources collected by the city of Champaign. On top of sharing tools and resources for AAPI anti-bias awareness, the Resources for Champaign's Asian American and Pacific Islander Residents page include contact numbers for those who witness discrimination or human rights violations against AAPI members of our community. Towards the bottom, you can also find helpful tutorials on mental health topics for AAPI residents during these increasingly troubling times and training resources for confronting prejudice.

Lastly, we want to remind everyone that Champaign County is welcome to all. One of our community's greatest resources for immigrants, whether they're Asian or from another part of the world, is the University YMCA's New American Welcome Center. The website is an invaluable resource for newcomers to our community from all parts of the world. Of particular interest for our Chinese residents who might be new to the area, the NAWC has Chinese-speaking staff, a Facebook page for Chinese residents, and Community Navigators who can help you learn about our community.

As we wrap up the celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, we're reminded that the greater Champaign County is only as Outside of Ordinary as its eagerness to embrace diversity and inclusion. We look forward to seeking ways to continue doing this into the summer and all year long. 

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