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Terri's 42 Reasons for Being Excited about Restaurant Week

January 24, 2023

Spending time out in the greater Champaign-Urbana is intertwined with food. Ask anyone what they did over the weekend—visiting one of our hundreds of local restaurants is likely to be one of their activities. As Midwest Living’s Greatest Midwest Food Town, there’s many reasons why our culinary scene deserves celebration. From local ingredients from area producers to international cuisines that expand our horizons, the Champaign County area is ripe for exploration through taste. That’s why we started the Champaign County Area Restaurant Week seven years ago.


Here we are again heading into this nine-day event, happening January 27–February 4, with bountiful choices in flavors to begin and/or end our days. As I work on this event, I am collecting menus (view them all here) throughout the month of January, salivating while standing over my laptop, trying to decide what’s going to make my personal list for the week. Let me tell you, it is tough.


So rather than go through what I think my stomach can handle, I thought I’d give some tips to navigate our 42 offerings and share what’s making me excited this year.


Maize Mexican Grill Chips & Guacamole

Let’s start with some tips:


Stango Cuisine Zambian Dishes

Now for what’s making me excited this year:


This year’s Restaurant Week has the potential to be truly special. I know I will enjoy every bite I take alongside some of my favorite people. I hope to see many out enjoying their time sharing a meal with people that are important in their life.


Thank you to our restaurants, our chef’s, and our hospitality staff that provide is these moments to make memories during a delicious meal, and for creating a culinary scene that is unmatched in the Midwest.


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